Navigating Sales Dynamics in Latin America: Insights from a Decade of Research

Navigating Sales Dynamics in Latin America: Insights from a Decade of Research


  • John Deep Smith PhD, IEDE, Spain



Sales, Cultural Adaption, Latin America


This systematic literature review examines the contributions of Latin authors to sales research from 2014 to 2024. The review incorporates a diverse array of publications, including journal articles, conference papers, and doctoral theses, focusing on technological advancements, sales strategies, and customer relationship management. Key findings highlight the significant influence of cultural, linguistic, and market-specific dynamics on sales practices in Latin America. The review reveals an emphasis on the adaptation of sales processes to local contexts, underscoring the importance of personal relationships, cultural nuances, and collective decision-making in shaping effective sales strategies. The insights gathered not only shed light on the current state of sales research in Latin America but also offer directions for future studies, emphasizing culturally informed sales strategies and the integration of technological tools to enhance market engagement.


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